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Art. Story. Wonder.


    Liquid Canvas transforms physical spaces into evocative displays of meaning and connection:


    • Fantastical Story-based Video Installations using live-action cinematography and subtle effects to make ordinary spaces magical.

    • Our patented MultiState Design process transforms static paintings and photographs into animated works of art, adding multiple layers of dimension and bringing them to life.

    Our elegant and engaging digital art installations are custom designed for corporate, hospitality, and residential spaces.

    We develop a range of creative approaches to address your needs, vision, and unique space requirements.  Our creative team of filmmakers and artists produce your piece, and expertly integrate it into the installation. 


    Displays are more than mediums for sharing company logos and messages -- they can be a window into your company's brand and the values it stands for. Our customized story-based productions engage your stakeholders in lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and event venues. We work together with your team to define core brand attributes and key messaging to produce one-of-a-kind content. 


    We create vibrant and immersive digital art for hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Our pioneering productions are designed to elevate the guest experience while leaving memorable impressions that can be shared across social media platforms by your guests – strengthening their relationship with your property and brand.


    For both new and existing properties, we cater to clients who believe in the inherent value art brings to a home. Spaces within homes can be transformed into limitless stories that delight and inspire.  Our clients have a direct hand in bringing their unique story or vision to life and help in the creation of art that will be with the family for generations.



    Liquid Canvas Demo Reel

    The Garden Bar @ The Battery

    Behind the Scenes

    The Garden Bar @ The Battery

    San Francisco Decorator Showcase with Tineke Triggs

    Behind the Scenes with "The Green Dress"

    Cherry Blossom MultiState Painting/SoftBank Group

    Cherry Blossoms - SoftBank 


    Use as Screen Saver or Zoom Background

     Click on Vimeo logo to download

    Cherry Blossoms


    Producers, directors, animators, brand strategists and creative technologists with over fifty years of combined experience. We are passionate about telling unique and evocative stories that bring our client's message to life in ways never before possible. 


    We believe that digital art has the power to create delight, wonder and unforgettably engaging experiences. Screens are the perfect canvas for artist storytelling while seamlessly integrating with and enhancing physical spaces.

    About Us

    “Our 'Fish Tank’ inspires imagination, conversation, and meditation for our members and guests. It’s become the focal point of our Garden Bar” 


                                                                                                       -Michael Birch

                                                                                                        Founder of the Battery


    If you’d like to learn more, or engage us for a quote, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you:

    Tel: (650) 733-4980

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